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Thursday, September 13, 2007

4.68 millions UMPC units by 2012

This news is coming from ZDNet

In a report, ABI is projecting that the UMPC market will ship 4.68 million units in 2012. Considering the iPhone shipped 1 million units in 74 days UMPC adoption seems downright glacial.

However, if UMPCs are lumped in with mobile Internet devices (MIDs) the picture is much more optimistic. ABI estimates shipments of both categories will approach 95 million units by 2012.

I never knew that compare apples versus bananas was right. Confused Because that's how looks to me the comparison between iPhones and UMPCs. If you go around you will find more cell phones than PCs in any USA family. Add to that that the iPhone serves also as a mp3 player. 4.68 Millions seems to me like a lot of UMPCs but I think that we should see more of them by 2012. And the reason why is because I really think that by 2012 the technology will be a lot cheaper and with a lower price sales will increase a lot. If you don't believe me just remember what happens every time that Woot sells the Q1 for less than 700 dollars... it last just few minutes. Another change in the technology that will help UMPC is the implementation of new technologies like WiMax which is just starting in USA. Imagine how attractive can be the idea of being connected to Internet at high speed everywhere you go. Have you heard of Internet Addiction? Wink By 2012 UMPCs are going to be more compact, lighter, going to have real "all time high speed Internet connectivity" and will have a battery life of more than 8 hours. In another words, the perfect tool to feed your Internet Addiction.

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