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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Two about the OQO 02

Here are two news completely different about the OQO 02. The first one is full of contradictions. The author start saying that OQO has made around 20 millions these days, which mean to me that even with the hard competition coming from the UMPC market with a lower price, OQO has managed to find its market and is making money. Then the author continues:

...the biggest weakness of the Oqo is the price. Why someone would opt for the Model 02 instead of, say, the Eee PC, or now HP's Mini-Note, confounds me. The Oqo is $1,300. The 7-inch Eee PC from Asus starts at $399 with Windows XP, and though the keys are tiny, functions more like laptop and isn't that much bigger than the Oqo. The Mini-Note from HP comes with Vista starting at $599.

Wow... This is like comparing horses with mules. The OQO 02 is a machine, while these two are entry level machines. They are going to have a market and they are going to be more "popular" if you want to call it in that way but OQO will still have its market share within business and professional users.

Vanderbiltimage2And that gives me the base for the second news.

Vanderbilt University Medical Center (VUMC) is Tennessee’s largest and most prestigious medical facility. A decade ago, its anesthesiologists initiated the development of an easy-to-use, electronic anesthesia documentation solution that has evolved into a comprehensive patient information system specialized for acuity care. Called VPIMS, the solution was developed using Microsoft® software and runs on the Windows Server® 2003 operating system and Microsoft SQL Server® 2005 database software. Using VPIMS, VUMC staff members have been able to improve patient care by having quick access to accurate patient data. The hospital has also improved its bottom line by making staff more efficient, reducing surgery delays, reducing administrative work, and improving billing accuracy. By analyzing data generated by VPIMS, VUMC continues to improve on all metrics (More Information here).

And you may ask, what this has to do with OQO. Check the picture on the left. You got it. They have been using the OQO 02 in this project. The OQO size, performance and integrated keyboard make them perfect for Doctors to carry them around. Something that would be impossible to do if you are using the Eee PC or Mini-Note from HP.

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