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Friday, April 18, 2008

Atom CPU performance figures


The numbers were originally posted at Eeepcnews.de but I going to link this comment to a very good one posted by my friend Steve at UMPCPortal.com.

These figures put the Atom ahead of previous estimates which put the Atom @1.6Ghz at the same performance level as an A110 at 800Mhz. A Samsung Q1 Ultra with the A110 returns 2700 and 3000. Remember that the Atom processor can do hyperthreading. I have no idea what affect it has on the test compared to real-life scenarios.

Do you remember guys when I said that the future of UMPC was VIA? Look at these numbers, you can see clearly how Isaiah processor is performing a little bit better than the Atom and of course than the A110. Still, not has good has a Celeron M at 1.6 GHz but I would say that probably better than the one installed in my Q1 at 900 MHz.

I know that you guys from VIA read from time to time my blog. And I know that I was a furious critic of your first C7 installed in my old Amtek T700. But... I'm starting to become a believer! So... if you have any demo UMPC using the Isaiah processor around I'm more than happy to check it and write about it.

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