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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

GottaBeMobile reviewing The HP 2133 Mini-Note

 hpumpc_thumbThe HP 2133 is the latest mini notebook from HP that will be sold in two flavors, 499 dollars with Linux and 599 dollars with Vista. Gottabemobile guys have been lucky enough to have one of the pre production units and have shot a video review of it that I would recommend everybody to watch.

While the strengths of the HP 2133 are its mobility, functionality, and configurability, I do have a few niggles. I'm not a fan of the trackpad. Designed to mirror the wide-screen display it is too wide for my tastes and working with the two buttons I'm clumsy at best. I'm also curious as to why there isn't a user configurable option to purchase an embedded 3G solution. But maybe that will come later. The VIA processor on the pre-production model I'm testing performs well once the machine is booted, but initial boot up takes quite some time. Although that may change in the final shipping units.

Update: I just noticed that our friends from JKonTheRun also have their own video review.

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