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Friday, June 20, 2008

Some Fujitsu P1610 drivers has been updated

Some of the Fujitsu P1610 drivers has been updated at Fujitsu USA Site. Comparing my latest driver list with them I have found that the Audio (Sigmatel) have been updated to 6.10.5866 and there is an update for the HDD Shock sensor utility to make it compatible with SP1.

I'm going to check the Audio driver tonight because I'm a little bit confused with the two files hosted at Fujitsu site. Also, I'm planning to install the V7.14.10.1461R and test it for a while. I'm currently using V7.14.10.1461 but it's too unstable for me.

The rest of the changes marked as updated at Fujitsu are drivers that in one way or another I had already.

It's good to see some changes at Fujitsu P1610. But I still disappointed, it's unbelievable that a device that is around 2 years and Vista has been around for a while and Fujitsu still have drivers that are dated from 2006.