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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Biocert for your P1610

I upgraded my P1610 to Vista and as result Omnipass, the program distributed by Fujitsu to manage the security with the help of the integrated Authetec fingerprint reader, was not working any more. One of my readers at todoUMPC  recommended me Biocert Intelligent Identity Manager, a program distributed with a different name and in a lite version version by HP.


I have to confess that I downloaded the lite version from HP web site and that, the recommendation of my friend and the low price of just $29.95 helped me in the final decision to pay for the program. And I'm saying this because this one of those cases of a company losing many potential customers because they do not offer a demo or trial of their wonderful program. I know that they may be making a lot of money from the free version distributed by HP but come on... today they are $29.95 richer.


Using this program you can manage the username and password to all your programs and webpages, and believe me, the fingerprint reader used with this tool becomes perfect tool and save you a lot of time. In addition this program includes an e-Wallet, a feature that keeps your Credit Card information that can be used in any online store.


The program perfectly works in my P1610. Another good point is that it works with Firefox and the price is fair, OmniPass cost almost 60 dollars and seems to me heavier from the point of view of the amount of system resources it uses. Biocert is a little bit more confuse than Omnipass but once you learn how to use it you will love it. At least that was my experience.