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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Biocert for P1610, part 2.

I recently posted about Biocert Intelligent Identity Manager,  a very good program to have installed in any Fujitsu P1610. James Childers President and CEO of ASG Global, maker of this program read our short article and left us the following comment that I would like to share here because it helps to clarity few things that probably were not too clear in my notes:

As the President and CEO of Artemis Solutions Group (ASG Global) - the owner of the BioCert trademark - I wish to thank you for your kind article about the BioCert Identity Manager. We are very proud of this program and the feedback we are getting from customers.

I must point out a few facts about our version of this software. While, yes, you are correct that our version (BioCert IDentity) and HP’s product are based upon the same original software “codebase”, there are some major differences between the versions.

Our version of the software is more full-featured and offers the additional capabilities of file or folder encryption, multiple user login, network and VPN login, multi-factor authentication capabilities and an administrative control panel which offers a finer detail of the settings available to the user.

The version from HP is a “lite” version that only supports single user login and sso for the operating system that ships with the PC. So, if a customer orders a PC with VISTA and changes the OS to XP or Vista Business, HP has to this point not been willing to give the customer the version for any other version of the operating system than was shipped with the system from the factory.

The integration of the advanced encryption capabilities is only one of the principle reasons we do not offer a “demo” of this application. If someone were to encrypt their files using a “demo” application with a 30 day time-lock on it, when the time ran out, they would lose the ability to recover any encrypted files (whether on the local device or on removable storage) stored with the demo. Additionally, we sort-of consider the limited versions being shipped by the PC manufacturers as a trial demo of our full featured version.

We are very pleased that we are able to offer the BioCert IDentity software as an upgrade from the basic HP software or for any computer that has the Authentec 1610 or 2501 integrated within. We believe for our price of $29.95 the customer is receiving a tremendous value over and above what is provided by the PC manufacturers.

Thank you again for your kind words and your informative article.

James Childers
Artemis Solutions Group

Thanks again James for reading my article and leave this comment. I really liked your product and I'm recommending it to all our readers.