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Sunday, June 01, 2008

MSI Wind notebook review

 img1_162251Fudzilla has published the first short review of the MSI subnotebook.

The Wind PC notebook, branded simply as U100, has a CPU that is bigger than Neutron but smaller than Molecule, but we don't dare to tell its name before next week. The CPU, as we wrote so many times before, works at 1.6GHz and runs Windows XP really fast. It runs between 700 and 1600MHz, depending on what you do.
The machine is also equipped with 1024MB memory, but the graphics card uses a modest 16MB, whereas the rest is reserved for the system. Another positive surprise is an 80GB Western Digital hard drive, as this is really enough storage for most notebook users. There will be a version with a smaller SSD drive and a smaller screen, but we won’t talk about them today. It measures 260 width x 180mm depth x19-31.5mm height.

As you can read they were not allowed to reveal yet the processor name. A processor running between 700 MHz and 1600 MHz could give this device a decent performance for this category of PC.