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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Why HID Drivers are needed?

Probably you have seen me writing everywhere I can about the need of having HID drivers for Samsung Q1, eo i7209 y i7210. And I know that many of you, including my fellows bloggers and other UMPC relative sites have not given any importance to this issue. Well, here is a post that tells what is going to happen after Vista Upgrade if these companies do not release HID Drivers for these devices:

Without HID drivers in Q1 and i7210/09:

  • different onscreen keyboard ( this is with HID drivers )
  • no loginscreen keyboard
  • no Automatic learning on handwriting
  • no floating tip
  • no focus on text field after opening tip
  • no panning hand on IE
  • right click menus popping while scrolling
  • no pen flicks
  • Tablet PC software hided in accessories
  • all tablet PC software not accessible
  • crappy looking handwriting

and the list goes on..

Vista will be released in about two weeks and I have not seen any clear indications from the makers of these devices about HID Drivers or Vista Compatible Drivers. One point, as far as I know to have HID Drivers working in any of these devices a BIOS update is needed.