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Friday, January 12, 2007

Amtek T770 coming soon

Amtek is preparing the T700 successor to be released probably in May: the T770.


This UMPC will be using a VIA processor and Vista and the target price will be around 900 dollars. I hope that Amtek will do a better job in this T770 than what they did with the T700 where they did not got it right the first time and a recall was needed to fix few things and even after the recall we have a UMPC that does not have the battery life close to what we see in the Samsung Q1b which use also a VIA processor.

The use of a VIA processor will result in a better battery life but if you are a power user you may not like the performance that you are going to get from that chip set. But... basically there are two points that have been criticized by the "specialized press": Battery Life and Price. The use of VIA takes care of these two points. And do not get me wrong, VIA Chip set is good enough to handle Web Browsing, Email, Office, the majority of the programs that you may use but will be extremely slow handling other programs like PhotoShop, programs using DirectX, certain high quality movies, etc. That's why I said that if you are a power user you may prefer to have less battery life but a better overall performance.

[Source: Carrypad.com]