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Friday, January 12, 2007

are you a photographer or just a blogger?

Today when I was going out for lunch, I found a green guy standing close to my car.

I'm talking about this huge Iguana.

In the lake near the company where I work we have close to 50 or more of these animals living in there and since few weeks ago I'm carrying in my backpack my digital camera looking for the opportunity to get some good shots of these animals.

And today was my day. The proof are these 3 above pictures.

I'm sure that by now you are asking yourself, what this has to do with UMPC? Simple. I took the pictures, went into my car, turned on my Q1, connected it to my Work WiFi, connected my digital camera to it and uploaded these pictures to my webpage. All that took a little more than 4 minutes.

I know that professional photographers have cameras that can do this without having a PC involved in the process. But, what about if you need to edit your pictures? What about if you need to add a Water Mark to them before you send them as a demo to a newspaper or blog? Now do you understand why I'm asking if you are a photographer or a blogger. Because I really think that UMPC are the perfect companion for these persons.

My UMPC and my camera have a permanent place in my backpack. And the best thing is that the total weight of them is about 2 pounds!

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