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Thursday, January 11, 2007

2007: UMPC Year!

I just read a nice article by Layne Heiny that clearly shows the differences between Notebook and Tablet PC concluding that TabletPC and UMPC are in fact a more advanced "computer system" than a notebook and of course a laptop.

It seems to me that he did not like this year Bill Gates' speech and me either. To me this speech showed us that Bill is not longer "the man". I would be glad not to see him any more at CES. He just did not transmit the enthusiasm needed in this kind of event. So Bill, next year you better stay at home or in "Afrika" with your philanthropy.

I really was not expecting to see this year at CES something really new in the UMPC field, it was just too early. The technology for a second generation like I have been saying has not matured yet. The price still too high. But I agree with Layne, 2007 will be definitely the UMPC Year. This "computer systems" with lower price have came to show the world what Tablet PC could not due to a higher price: TabletPCs and UMPCs are more advanced systems than Notebooks.