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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Upgrade to Vista is virtually impossible

I finally received yesterday the media kit for Vista Business, which I bought almost a month ago! As you can probably remember I tried to upgrade my Samsung Q1 using the ISO file I downloaded from my eOpen account with Microsoft and I could not because of an error message saying that one of the installation files was corrupted (error 0x80070241).

Well, Yesterday I spend one hour of my time trying to upgrade my Q1 again, this time using my brand new CDs - yes, they are 3 CDs instead of One DVD - sent to me by Microsoft. One hour to end this time with a new error code 0x80070017 saying basically the same thing than error 0x80070241: An installation file could not be copied because it's missing or corrupted.

As an IT Manager to me the only possible route to Vista is an upgrade of my more than 150 computers that I support. And this incident with my Samsung Q1 is letting me thinking about what is going to happen to those IT Managers that are thinking about jumping to Vista Boat as soon as it become "fully" available if they get these kind of errors.

So far I have done all that can be possible done and have been advised to me by anyone without any luck. Of course I could just go for the Clean Install Route but being a person as you know I'm, I want know to upgrade my Samsung Q1. I do not want a clean install. I want what I paid for.

Is there anyone testing to upgrade the Samsung Q1 to Vista? I want to know if this is a problem that I'm having alone or it's something that is happening to everybody that tries this route.