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Monday, January 29, 2007

One day away from Vista


We are one day away from Vista Official Release and all the media is talking about it. But... The UMPC picture does not look too good to me. So far nobody has released any Vista Drivers. The Amtek T700 is the only one that with a few tweaking can use 100% Vista, but as all we know the performance in this device under Vista won't be that good so I do not advice the installation of this OS in these devices if you really care about performance. I installed and it seems to me fine but I have seen comments from other T700 owners that have gone back to XP because of this.

Installing Vista in Samsung Q1, Asus R2H, Tabletkiosk eo i7200 is an adventure with an end that is not so happy taking in consideration that few features will not work thanks to the lack of Vista Drivers or programs compatible with Vista released by these OEMs.

So, here we are, one day away from Vista and no drivers have been released for UMPCs. BTW, CompUsa is having a Vista Celebration Party tonight in many cities. That means to me one thing, many users will be able to walk away tonight with Vista from these celebrations.


I never have seen a better slogan than this one. Yes, but the "wow" that Microsoft is going to listen it is going to be followed by "some of my programs do not work, and many of my drivers do not work either!" And this cry is not going to be from UMPC owners alone. This is a general situation, this is not something present in our UMPCs only.