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Monday, January 08, 2007

More about error 0x80070241

Look what I found here.

The Prayer Of Windows Vista Ultimate Installers

Dear Lord,

I bow before you as your humble servant, faithful to your word and command.

Please bestow peace on our troubled world and let all mankind see the folly of their ways and vices and return to your fold and live their lives as your sacred words dictate so that we may all be worthy to face you in heaven and receive your blessings.

O Lord, I pray to you today that whomever designed and worked on Windows Vista may be struck down with a funny sickness such as premature balding, impotence, or constant diarrhea, so that they may also suffer as we do when everytime Microsoft releases a new software, even the bloody installation won't work.

Oh Lord, please enable Bill Gates and his team to awaken and realize that even though they are copying other peoples work with the Vista (bless those people at Mac), please let them know that they still need to do some work of their own to ensure that the bloody thing installs correctly and does not give an error code of 0x80070241 during installation.

Smite them O Lord, smite them so that when we contact Microsoft support or post on this forum that we are having this error code: 0x80070241, at least somebody from Microsoft can help us - us the people who have purchased Windows Vista Ultimate corporate edition.

O Lord, bless us and please smite all those technicians who created Vista, and do not provide help with error code: 0x80070241. Open their eyes so that when in the future they copy another Operating system from Mac, may they at least copy it correctly.