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Saturday, January 06, 2007

error 0x80070241, my Vista adventure

  1. I bought Vista Business about 3 weeks ago
  2. After 3 weeks waiting for the media DVD, I got 3 XP CDs
  3. I called Microsoft to find that the Vista DVDs have not been released yet even when according to Microsoft Press Releases, Vista was released to Business back in mid December 2006. They advised me to download Vista from my eopen account. I did that. Burned the ISO into a DVD.
  4. I tried to upgrade my Q1, failed, I got an error 0x80070241
  5. Uninstalled Norton Antivirus ( I had it disabled) and tried again ending with the same error.
  6. Changed the external DVD for a faster one, just in case, but I got again the same error.
  7. I downloaded again the 2 GB file. Compare my previous downloaded file with this one and they are identical.
  8. Google for this error and I found a lot of people with that problem and not help at all from Microsoft. The funny thing is this error means that one of the installation files is corrupted. But the truth is that all files are fine. The other funny thing is that this error have been present in all versions of Vista. And Microsoft never have posted any solution.
  9. Mounted the ISO in a virtual DVD and got the same error. This means that the more than 5 DVDs that I burned and throw out were good. Who will pay for all this Microsoft?
  10. Copied all files from my mounted Virtual DVD to my Q1 and launched the installation from there with the same result: error 0x80070241

So here I'm. 200 dollars poorer, with 3 Windows XP CDs that I do not need and I can't use, and dreaming with my Q1 upgraded to Vista. Please, do not advice me to do a clean install. I paid for an upgrade and I want that that I paid for working!