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Friday, November 16, 2012

WinRT Apps Store in numbers

I have been checking the WinRT Apps Store for the last 5 days and with the numbers collected I prepared some statistics. 5 days is not enough data for a serious study but will give a fair idea of what is the growth in the Application Front.

The average of applications released in 5 days was 291.

This means that in 24 working days we should be seen a total of 6989 applications released. We should be ending this year with 13395 applications and the year 2013 with about 89107 applications.

These numbers are not bad at all but keep in mind that it's better to have 100 applications with good quality than 100000 "farting" applications. In this field since the Surface Release I have seen released good Applications such as eWallet, Bank of America, Nook, Zillow, The Weather Channel, Weather Bug, Urbanspoon, Kayak, Flixter, Angry Birds and many other from well known companies that are popular in Apple's Store and Android.

In my opinion, by the end of year I should see installed in my Surface all my preferred application I was using in my iPad.

By the way, the chart shown in this article was created using Excel 2013 RT without using any keyboard or mouse, just the touch screen. It's simple, but I just spent less than 2 minutes typing the data and creating the chart. I found the experience very pleasant and for those saying that Office RT is far from being a productive tool when it used in a Surface RT, you are all absolutely wrong. After this experience I'm more than convinced that Surface RT is the perfect tool for those that want to own a Tablet and still being productive. For those looking just for a consumption device you have the iPad.

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