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Monday, November 05, 2012

Speed up IE10 in your Surface RT

Recently I was reading a review at pocketnow.com where the author was complaining about the bad performance of IE10 in his Surface, experience that I was not experiencing. I decided to post a comment in his review and then I noticed myself the bad performance that he was mentioning. At that moment I thought that it was something relative to a bad web design or something like that. Later on I visited XDA Developers where again I noticed the same thing. I usually don't visit these sites and that explained why I never had any issues with IE10 with Metro Style. At XDA I also noticed that if I opened the site in the Desktop Mode I did not have any problems. I commented about this in the XDA forum and they recommended to block the advertising using a feature in IE10 that I did not know about it. One IE10 in the Desktop Mode, go to Tools, Manage Add-ons.
Once there click on Track Protection and then in Get Track Protection List Online.
That will open a site where you will click on Add to add your favorite lists. I selected two of them, Easylist and Fanboy.
Once this is done you will noticed right after that a huge improve when you open those sites and blank spaces where they had before publicity banners.


  1. Just a side not, if you're outside of the US, then you need to change the URL to en-us to get the list of available... lists...

    I'm in Singapore and the url was en-sg, and showed a list of 0. Changing it to en-us updated to a list of > 20


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