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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Facebook for Surface RT

Some days ago I found an user threatening Microsoft to return his Surface if Microsoft does released a Facebook Apps. I had and still have now when I'm writing this note to put in practice all my experience as Tech Support to do not explode and name that person the best I can in my "French" vocabulary. Instead that I asked a question, what's wrong with Facebook.com?

For the first time you have in a Tablet a full version of Facebook working and this user is making a big deal because "he can't access Facebook"? That person never replied back to me. I wonder why.

And Facebook is not the only request. Twitter! Where is Twitter client?!

I changed my Twitter background image a long time ago after that I bought an iPad and I never saw that beautiful background again. One more time why I would need an App if I have access to the real thing!?

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