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Sunday, November 25, 2012

European Wish Lists

According to Experian the most searched devices in the UK market are: iPad Mini, Nexus 7 and Surface RT in this order.

Europe always has been more Apple territory than MS, the fact that Surface is in this small list is a huge point. They also did an analysis of what type of users were the one searching and here is the chart and what they said about it:

What is clear here from the spider diagram above is that the Surface page (the red line) is over-indexing on the Alpha Territory, Liberal Opinions, Careers and Kids and New Homemakers groups. These are people who live in up-and-coming areas of the big cities and the desirable leafy suburbs. Compared to Microsoft’s current audience (the green line) for its main website, people interested in the Surface have more disposable income and are younger, more tech-savvy individuals. These are the same types of people that are Apple’s core audience, and so the signs are positive for Microsoft if they can make inroads into this segment of consumers and present an attractive alternative to the iPad. 

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