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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Give the Surface RT and WinRT 8 a chance

I was recently reading one of my favorite pages and I ended with a sad feeling thinking that while Apple fanatics saved the first iPad with all it's restrictions, lack of software, lack of multitasking, impossibility to sharing with other devices other than Apple's, without a decent Office package, without a full control of the file space and tied to a PC for anything or common tasks as simple as copying a eBook! While the Apple fans did that we have Windows users and News pages making big deal out of few imperfections found in Surface RT and it's OS.

And the worse thing is that we all the bad press of these insignificant points we are going to kill the first steps in more than 20 years of creating a new or at least different OS and the hardware around this OS. For every single thing mentioned in those pages and articles, I can mention many features that make me a believer in W8 RT and the Surface.

Just read these articles:

In more than 3 years of iPad supremacy they have not provided us consumers any of these solutions because their multitasking is far from being one. Come on, it’s time to look toward the Sun and see the beauty of it and no the black spots. Yes, they are there, we are not blind! But there are more than those black spots.

Out there we do not have anything in the tablet market that can give us a decent level of productivity until know. Let’s help this new concept. Let’s open our minds. Give Microsoft a chance!

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