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Friday, January 04, 2008

Open Letter to Magazines

Kindle has been in the market for a little more than a month and the list of Magazines that has joined the subscription list at Amazon though small it's growing. Today I received my monthly subscription to Consumer Reports and that reminded me that the bookshelf where I keep all issues of this magazine together with other magazines like National Geographic, Smart Phone and Pocket PC Magazine and PC Magazine, it's full. I could recycle them but I collect them. And it's not just that I collect them it's that sometimes I use them as material when I'm doing some research. So, looking at my magazine bookshelf I decided to send the Editors of these magazines this letter:

Whom it may concern:

I'm a current subscriber of your magazine which I love and been subscribed for the last 5 years. But it's time to move on and use the new technology available. I recently bought the Kindle, the eBook reader from Amazon, and I would like to see your magazine added to the list of magazine subscriptions available for download into my Kindle.

I know that you offer an online subscription but the point is that you need a PC to access it while using the Kindle you don't need that. Magazines are sent to each subscriber using the wireless connection available in each Kindle. And each magazine is DRM protected so files can't be freely copied.

I love your magazine but it's occupying a valuable space in my house and  going digital I can keep hundred of issues in my Kindle. And not only that, going digital using this new Amazon service your company will help to save our planet using less paper.

Please, add your magazine to Kindle Magazine Subscription list at Amazon!

Amazon Magazine Subscription List


Frank J Garcia
Current Subscriber
Microsoft MVP on TabletPC and UMPC

I know that many of you are interested in this topic so I'm planning to post back the answer of each of the magazines contacted by me. I also invite you to do the same with your subscriptions. Remember, you are helping to save a tree by going digital!

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