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Saturday, January 05, 2008

Smartphone and PocketPC Magazine responded my Open Letter

 Smartphone and PocketPC Magazine answered my Yesterday Open Letter about having their subscription available for Amazon Kindle.

Hi Frank,

Thanks for the email.

Hope you really aren't giving up on print! Print magazines need print customers to be viable. Many people prefer the physicality of print media.

If magazines become only electronic, they really become a different animal and should be rethought so they best are suited for the media in question. Also, like many publishers, we are geared towards producing print. It would be hard to be competitive in the electronic world as we are constituted.

Having said that, I just contacted Amazon through Customer Service link and asked them what needed to be done to sell our magazine via Kindle.


Hal Goldstein
Exec Editor/Publisher
Smartphone & Pocket PC magazine

A really good news. like I said to Hal, at this moment the amount of companies selling magazines for Kindle is small but if you check  that list, you will find that we are talking about companies like Time, Forbes and Fortune. To have a magazine like Smartphone and Pocket PC Magazine in that short list within those giants and taking in consideration the profile of those reading eBooks could represent a huge increase in subscription sales and prestige.

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