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Monday, January 07, 2008

CES2008: TabletKiosk i7300

TabletKiosk eo i7300 UMPC SystemThanks to TabletPC2 we know very early today about this UMPC that's supposed to be shown for the first time at CES.

The eo i7300 is the first fully modular Ultra Mobile PC (UMPC) which can be “customized” for specific applications according to individual business needs.  TabletKiosk designed the eo i7300 to provide ultimate flexibility by offering attachable modules.  These interchangeable modules, featuring specific I/O ports, electronic methods of entry and an extended life battery options, can be combined in innumerable ways to offer a customized mobile computing solution.

Let me start by saying that this machine is a business UMPC with 11 modules that will provide a flexibility never seen before with UMPC. That's ok, but I do not know who advised TabletKiosk that a being a business UMPC they could save money in the design. This UMPC is the ugliest thing that I have seen in long time. Period.

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