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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Amtek U560 UMPC review at UMPCPortal.com

For some reason my RSS feed from UMPCPortal is not working any more and as result I missed this wonderful review shot and written by Steve "Chippy"

This is the first time I've used XP on a Stealey CPU for any length of time and I have to say that, in combination with the GMA950 it's a great performer. Not as fast as my Q1P but faster than the 1.2Ghz WiBrain I'm also testing at the moment. In terms of video playback performance I was incredibly impressed...and then I noticed that the device was in 600Mhz battery saving mode. When I switched it into full-power mode, increasing the cpu speed by 30%, it was really impressive and handled about every video I threw at it. Right up to a 7Mbps WMV HD video. Even games were running well. Call of Duty (see video) a demo installed on the test device, worked impressively smoothly. Take a look at the videos below which were done with the device locked at 600Mhz.

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