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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

OE version 2 coming soon

Well, I think that after this post at JKonTheRun I'm not under NDA anymore! I have been part of team of beta testers of a second release of Origami Experience.

So what's new in OE the second?

  • Origami Central is the main launch-point to provide quick access with the touch of a finger to apps and services. In my opinion, the UI is more fluid and intuitive.
  • Origami Now is my favorite section because you can personalize to display information that's relevant to you: e-mail, RSS feeds, calendar events, etc... I almost think of this function as custom set of touch gadgets in a Windows Sidebar type of approach.
  • Origami Picture Password secures your UMPC with fun puzzle.
  • Touch settings, which we're all familiar with from OE the first.

I agree with Kevin, from not using at all OE I became a user of Origami Now. I have two screens sets with different weather radar views and I love them. Picture Password is must a must have for any touch screen device or Tablet PC. I still using a beta version and I don't know yet when the final version will be released but I'll try to post a video of what I have been testing unless that still under NDA.

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