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Sunday, July 01, 2007

I received the MVP Award

I was so busy today preparing a video that I did not notice until very late in the afternoon that I had this email in my Inbox:

Dear Frank Garcia,

Congratulations! We are pleased to present you with the 2007 Microsoft® MVP Award!

The Microsoft MVP Award is our way of saying thank you and to honor and support the significant contributions you make to communities worldwide. As a recipient of Microsoft’s Most Valuable Professional award, you join an elite group of technical community leaders from around the world who foster the free and objective exchange of knowledge by actively sharing your real world expertise with users and Microsoft. Microsoft salutes all MVPs for promoting the spirit of community and enhancing people’s lives and the industry’s success everyday. To learn more about the MVP Program, visit: www.microsoft.com/mvp.

Your extraordinary efforts in Windows - Tablet PC technical communities during the past year are greatly appreciated. The benefits you will enjoy as a recipient of the MVP Award are outlined below.

Thanks Microsoft! I just was doing what I like, but damn, it's really good to know that what you do is appreciated by others! Thanks again! It's a honor to be in this group surrounded by many wonderful persons!
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  1. Congrats, Frank! Welcome to the club. The award is more than well deserved.

  2. Well done Frank. Keep pushing the pen .


  3. Congratulations, my friend!

    Chippy said...
    Well done Frank. Keep pushing the pen .

    Frank's Q1 said...
    Softly, please. :S


  4. Wow! Pen still sucks, but Franks is the Man!

  5. WooHoo Frank!! Great Job and well deserved!!

    Matt - GBM
    Tablet PC MVP ( :) )

  6. Congrats Frank! Well deserved. Thank you for all your Q1 help

  7. Congratulations Frank.

    Well deserved honor. I knew it was only a matter of time before you would receive a MVP.

    Keep up the good work!

  8. Congrats! Keep up the good work.

  9. I would've given you the award for getting me my Samsung Q1 HID drivers alone... the fact that they also work in XP, all the better.

    If I didn't already have Tweaks2K2 for my PPC I would've gotten a copy to thank you. Really should consider the UMPC version...

    Congrats Frank!

    (OT - Did eGalax ever get around to releasing an "official" version of those drivers? Just wondering.)


  10. No so far, eGalax has not released yet an official version of the HID Drivers. So... I did good pushing hard to get the beta released! :D

  11. Very good !
    In french language : B R A V O !!!!



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