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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Typhoon Touch accuses TabletKiosk of...

Typhoon Touch is accusing Tabletkiosk and other Tablet PC makers of patent violations according to a news published at CNET News.

After suing Dell and Motion Computing for allegedly infringing on two of its patents for portable computers with touch-screen technology, Typhoon, and licensing partner and co-plaintiff Nova Mobility Systems, said Tuesday they are targeting three more potential infringers: Xplore Technologies, Electrovaya, and Sand Dune Ventures, which makes tablet PCs under the brand TabletKiosk.

I have been in contact with Tabletkiosk in the last - almost already- two years many times for many reasons, and even on those moments where I have been "rude" and virtually a "pain in the neck" I always have found in them a great level of professionalism and honesty. Two virtues hard to find now days.