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Monday, March 17, 2008

Why the Q1 Ultra Premium

In the last few days we have at least two very well known UMPC fans that have bought the Q1 Ultra Premium with a Core Solo processor, Kevin from JKonTheRun is one of them and here is what he said:

The Intel Core Solo used in the Q1U Premium runs at 1.33 GHz, has a 533MHz front side bus speed and includes 2 MB of L2 cache memory on the chip. The Intel A110 CPU used in the Q1U devices run at either 600- or 800 MHz, have a 400 MHz front side bus speed and include only 512 KB of L2 cache. Since we're chatting about CPUs, it's probably worth a mention that the new Intel Atom CPUs will run at up to 1.8 GHz on only 2.5 Watts. My understanding is that will have the faster 533 MHz front side bus like the Core Solo, but only 512 KB of cache like the A110.

...I'll be keeping the device. In fact, I just ordered a second 6-cell battery and a 2 GB RAM stick. The battery was around $98 and the RAM was $55. Combined, they'll boost my productivity by turning this UMPC into an all day device.

Another powerful user who has changed his old Everun for the Q1U Premium is Steve from UMPC Portal.

With the Core Solo processor and the extended battery it was in a different league to my own Q1 Ultra and seeing the smooth video capabilities made me think about giving my Q1 Ultra a second try with an XP installation. The second thing that happened was that I hit the limit of the Everun's processing capabilities quite a few times at CeBIT. Simultaneous live blogging, photo capture and photo editing was too much for the Everun despite my attempts to be patient and efficient. There's no doubt that, despite its portability and suitability for browser-based work, it reduced my productivity in certain situations.

So here you go. Two cases and in both you have a common issue PRODUCTIVITY something that to me translates in another word: performance. WE NEED PERFORMANCE INTEL. That's what we need. And once again, it seems to me that VIA will win this race if Intel keeps giving MID all the priority.

Update: Steve is given his Q1U a Second Chance. I though that he bought a Q1U Premium, Sorry Steve!