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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Crossloop, breaking the distance

This weekend it was brought to my attention an article published at El Semanal Digital where my name is mentioned. The article is about how you can get tech support in your home computer - in this article a computer located in Spain- from a source located 1000 of miles away - in this case in Florida, USA. All that thanks to a little program called Crossloop. This tool is based in another very popular tool within the IT guys called VNC Viewer. In both cases these are programs that allows you to access a remote computer from your own one and work on it.

In the above mentioned article the author was talking about his experiences with a tech support service that I have for my readers in Spain. In my career as IT Manager I have been using this and other tools to help remotely my clients but Crossloop is one of the best when you want to bring that feeling of security to a customer that will give you access to his personal computer. Using Crossloop you only gain access to the remote computer if the customer gives you an authorization number that you have to retype on your end to get access. On top of that, the customer has to authorize the access in his end. In few words, a safe way to get help from any where in the World.