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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Overclocking Q1U INTEL A110, DONE!

That's the title of a new thread at Origami Project Forum. The A110 processor has been finally overclocked by sosftware.

Download SETFBS from here and select the CV174CPAG PLL from dropdown list and hit the GET FBS button. There you go, you can now overclock your Samsung Q1U.

Seen how the cooling setup reacts to 10% overclock of FBS and DDR, it seems there isn`t much room for overcloking due to heat tolerance. It seems to do ok up to 15% increase (917,8MHz CPU and 458,9MHz FBS), but I haven`t had the unit for long enough to be willing to kill it so soon. Have not played with the PCI and PCI-E BUS speed yet, don´t see the point (i don`t play games on my Q1U).

I tried that software a while back in my Q1 with Celeron M and it did not work... so... it's time to download the latest version and try it again.