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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Surface RT: Saving your media in your MicroSD

Having a full version of Windows 8 in Surface RT could be seem sometime as a wrong decision but it's not. Here is why, many already found that there is no way to add a folder located in the SD card to your Windows Library. This is not a bug it's just a limitation included in the OS relative to indexing. Now there is a way to go around this limitation and it's very well described by Paul Thurrott in his site. If you own a Surface RT you are going to need this trick so you better bookmark his site, which by the way has a lot of useful information about the Surface RT and many other topics.

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  1. Bizarre decisions has been taken by Microsoft in the developing of the RT. The full Windows 8 tablets running over Intel's Clover Trail CPUs are becoming more and more attractive too me reading this kind of artificial limitations.

    Why Microsoft is doing it so wrong with RT???


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