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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Surface RT does not have Outlook and...

Recently I was reading a good article from Forbes and they were pointing to some limitations of Windows RT, the version of Windows 8 installed in the Surface RT.

One of the supposed limitations was the absence of Outlook. That said without any explanation could be a scaring fact for many potential buyers. The fact is that even when the Windows RT does not have a single Application as Outlook to connect with Exchange, it has Mail, Messaging, Calendar and People and all of them synchronize with any Exchange account.

According to this FAQ in the Outlook page the only Outlook options one left behind are Tasks and Notes. According to them the protocol used to synchronize with Exchange Tasks is present in Windows RT and it could an option added in the future to this platform. About Notes their recommendation and my own is to use OneNote, a product included for free in Office 2013 in Surface. With your notes in Skydrive you will be able to access them anywhere you go and in any PC with OneNote.

So Forbes, the absence of Outlook won't be a show breaker I believe.

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