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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

I'm rediscovering the web

Sometime ago I published a Post saying that I was using my iPad for more than a year as my main PC at home. Today I opened the Google+ site for Desktop in my Surface RT after many months using the mobile version prepared for the iPad and I found that I was missing a lot in all these months using the iPad! It's like when you compare a black and white TV with a Plasma HD TV! And today Google+ was just the spark that ignited my desire to share this feeling that I have been experiencing since last Friday when I received the Surface RT. Accessing the Web from this Tablet without having any or almost any restrictions is just amazing. Being able to upload files such as pictures to the web without having to use an "App for that" is just an incredible experience. Thanks Microsoft for helping me to rediscovered the Web! The Surface RT has become my main PC at home!

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