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Sunday, September 18, 2011

W8: New system, old challenges

I was reading an article posted at CNET that made me think about the new challenges on front of Microsoft to succeed with W8. Steve Ballmer recently said that Windows 8 is all about Touch and it's evident that the UI is pointing to that. But the downside of this is that Windows 8 is an OS for PCs and the majority, 99.99%, of the PC software currently in the market is not designed thinking about Touch. This is not a new issue. We, TablePC owners, have been suffering from this issue since the first TabletPC was released to the market and since them nobody cared about making versions more TabletPC ("ink") friendly, even Microsoft, have you tried to use Excel in a TabletPc?

I'm afraid that we are going to see the same situation now with Microsoft's Tablet. We will see a wonderful experience within the Metro design and then a complete different experience when using programs that are not "Metro". This could be a negative point in W8 sales, at least it was with TabletPCs.

By the way, TabletPc were those devices that used their screens as input devices and were running Windows Operating System. Now with W8 it seems to me that the name TabletPC will die forever. It will be replaced perhaps for WinTablet.

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