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Monday, September 26, 2011

Mobile Devices Managment

With the increase in the use of all kind of mobile devices in the enterprise environment managing these devices is becoming a huge problem for IT Managers. An average business has more than 15 executives, imagine all of them wanting to have access to your network and databases real time. How can you handle your security? How do you keep them updated with the latest version of whatever software you are using to access your database? How do you remove from their devices unwanted software?

That's where a software like BoxTone EMM is highly appreciated.

-BoxTone Security Management Dashboard: Provides real-time visibility into the global mobile security posture and compliance status – from across the enterprise down to the individual device – with trending information and acute details on security gaps or non-compliance.
-BoxTone Policy Management: Automatically maps and extends existing enterprise policy typically defined and managed in Active Directory, then automatically synchronizes policy adds, changes and removes to all devices with no manual intervention.
-BoxTone Configuration Management: Automatically adjusts device configurations based on changes to mobile and enterprise policies with no manual intervention.
-BoxTone Compliance Management: Continuously monitors the end-to-end security status of all enterprise devices, applications, mobile services, dependent infrastructure and existing security and policy systems, and automatically detects, remediates and logs violations with no manual intervention.
-BoxTone Mobile Analytics: Includes comprehensive data warehouse and Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) reporting to deliver a holistic approach with full audit capabilities and proof of controls.
-BoxTone Platform Integration: The expanded EMM platform integrates with existing security and policy management systems to ensure consistent policy enforcement across the enterprise; eliminates the typical risks associated with traditional MDM tools that create their own separate, gap-riddled policy stove-pipes.

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