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Monday, April 20, 2009

Microsoft is closing Origamiproject.com

What I can add? That site was abandoned by Microsoft a long time ago, it was unattended never had a team of moderators that could take care of the page and the Original Origami Team was dismembered a long time ago too. From the original Origami idea many other designs have came and Intel who was one of parents of this concept now is calling them MID instead of UMPC.

We launched this website to chronicle the adoption of UMPCs and the opportunities for touch-oriented software packs, to share usage ideas, and to answer questions on these topics. A number of excellent community sites and blogs have been launched about UMPCs, touch applications, and the rapidly changing small PCs. We realize that we cannot cover all current mobile computing topics in a single site, so we have decided that the time has come to retire this site. This will occur around the end of April.

Origami Team Blog : The Next Era of Mobile Computing

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