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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Patent on Touch Screen Technologies?

Yesterday I received a few Google's Alert messages relative to TabletKiosk. I disregarded them because I covered the initial news while back and secondly because all this is just a bad joke. Today, Gail Levy, Marketing Director of TabletKiosk has posted a short note in her blog clarifying a few things about this lawsuit.

If Typhoon Touch Technologies can own the universal license for all Mobile Touch Screen Technology, then maybe I should apply for a patent that covers making a call on a mobile phone or using a knob to turn on a car radio...

After reading all her explanation all I can say is that TabletKiosk has all my support on this one. Touch is a human sense and as far I can understand it can't be patented. And if Typhoon wins this lawsuit I'm going to patent "peeing". That for sure will be an easy way for me to get rid of all my debts.

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