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Thursday, June 12, 2008

DriverMax, free solution for your drivers issues

img1_1162351Since I got my Fujitsu P1610 I have been searching for the latest Vista Drivers for this machine. The available drivers at Fujitsu Website are not the latest in some cases and most of them are not completely stable. And if you have a portable device with a driver that is not working stable you whole machine becomes unstable, slow and that's simply annoying.

During all this time I have been testing different programs that you can find around the web that promise you to find the latest drivers and I even pay for one of them to discover that during the trial version the developers made you believe that they have some drivers for you and the reality once you pay and download the drivers is that they are not compatible with what you have.

Well, Yesterday I found this program called DriverMax that was promising virtually the same thing than the other programs but with few differences, DriverMax is a freeware and DriverMax really worked for me. It allowed me to backup all my drivers, search, find and Install few new updates for those drivers in my P1610.

Why such good program is free? I asked myself the same question. So far the only explanation that I have is that the search for drivers results are shown in their site where you have to open a free account. In their site they have Google adds inserted in many places so I believe that that is what is paying for the program.

How they have such good Drivers database? It seems to me that during my search process the program compare my drivers with what they have online and it took and uploaded in their database at least two drivers from my machine. That means that the next time a P1610 owner or anyone in need of those latest drivers check their database those drivers will be found and they are going to be installed in that machine. A very clever method of making money and keeping a good and clean service.

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