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Friday, June 06, 2008

Zune, I have to say this

I love my Zune but I hate so much the Zune software in my computer that I'm not using my mp3 player as often as I should. I use to criticize iTune software for heavy and resource sucker but Zune Software is today the champion of all the champions. On top of that, it's a software that was from the beginning - I'm talking about the second version of it which replaced the one based in WMP. The most popular options such like Smart List were removed from it. Now they put it back but again... It's buggy! Come on! Does the Zune team  have a group of MVP helping them to tune their program? I really do not understand.

And I really get frustrated when I see a good product being treated with such lack of... lack of... lack of... brain.

iTune uses a lot of resources but it works, every single time it works. I do have there songs removed and added from my iPod without any apparently reason and I do not get duplicated play list every time I sync. I have more than 20 play lists in my Zune when I'm supposed to have only 5! The play list creation screen sucks... I had to get help in a forum to find how I can select two categories in one play list - The whole Ctrl+Mouse Click Idea was just fantastic... they just forgot to mention about it on that screen in somewhere.

And my main problem with all this is this question:

Why consumers have to work as beta testers of a product that should just be doing what it's supposed to do out of the box? And don't come to me saying that it does it because it plays music because the music does not get into the player because Mandrake the Magician puts it in there.

I have gave Microsoft Zune team a lot of time... but things are not getting anywhere better... it's all the same old s.... (you know).

Well... Now that I said it here, in public, I feel a lot better.

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