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Monday, March 03, 2008

UMPCPortal reports about the Asus R70a from CeBit

Today Intel officially announced the new line of mobile processors Atom and Today we have received already the first reports coming from CeBit thanks to Steve "Chippy" from UMPCPortal. The new Atom is nothing more than another Intel Fiasco as bad as the A110 and A100 currently used in some UMPC. At least those were supporting Vista Aero thanks to the 945 chipset.

No-one stopped me from having a good play around with the R70a though. Smaller and much better looking than the R2H/E, its running Vista in typical UMPC fashion (slow) on a 1.6Ghz CPU that I assume is Atom. If the predictions are right, a 1.6Ghz Atom will be about as fast as a Celeron 900 which isn't nearly enough. There's no aero capability either.

Chippy is doing a wonderful job reporting from CeBit. Stay turned because tomorrow he will be talking about Gigabyte's latest UMPC.

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