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Thursday, March 20, 2008

A closer look at the HTC Shift from Sprint

Matt Miller is a well know person in our community and that makes his opinion, even for persons like me that do not like the Shift and think that HTC has chosen a really bad moment to release this already semi obsolete device to the market, a really valuable opinion that is worth to read. 

I’ve been using an HTC Shift from Sprint for over a week now and as you can see in the more than 140 photos and screenshots found in my image gallery and quick and dirty post yesterday I have had a chance to try out most all aspects of the device. As I said yesterday, I was planning to post my full review next Monday, 24 March, but Amazon posted a pre-order page of the device. The HTC Shift from Sprint has a model designation of HTC X9000 and a suggested retail price of US$1,499.

And said semi obsolete because this device is using a processor A110 well know for it poor performance compare to the old Pentium M, Celeron M and Core Solo processors. But thinking a lot deeper, after seeing the next generation called Atom which has even a poorer performance may be the decision of using the A110 is not that bad after all. Anyway... The HTC Shift with a Core Solo would had became the dream machine of many members of the UMPC community.

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