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Friday, February 29, 2008

Microsoft cutting price of Vista

I read the news today in another Spanish site and I ran to find a confirmation in any other site and here is what I found at BBC News.

Although no exact date has yet been given, Microsoft said price cuts would be introduced in 70 countries.

In the US, the cost of the most expensive version, Vista Ultimate, will be reduced to $319 (£161) from the current retail price of $399.

I have to say that as MVP I have transmitted to Microsoft my concern about the excessive and abusive prices on all Microsoft products. Prices that are pushing OEMs to find other solutions from the point of view of Operating System installed. There are even OEMs that have been selling their products without any OS to make them more appealing. And I have the experience that products that were very hard to sell with Microsoft OS became best sellers as soon as they were sold without OS.

The time where Microsoft could do something to have their OS in all OEM machines sold around the world is over and it's time for Microsoft to understand that. There are more and more machines coming out with Linux.  And they are being sold. The time when Microsoft could stand and say that they have the best OS in the World and that was the reason why it was installed in 100% of all computers sold is over. Today users are glad to go with something "less perfect" but a lot cheaper. Less pretty but cheaper. They prefer to go with Linux instead of Vista or they prefer to install Open Office than Office. In both cases they do the job and they do it right, which is more important.

I'm glad that you are listening Microsoft because personally I love you... 

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