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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Everun with Wibro released

 20071226134615187A new version of the Everun was released in Korea according to news posted at Aving USA:

Raon Digital announced the launch of 'EVERUN Wibro(model:S60H Wibro' in Korea market. The EVERUN Wibro is a touched-up version of its previous model adding Wibro wireless internet module. The previous model used to connect a modem through USB port, but this one has built-in Wibro module and allows users to get subsidy from KT. The EVERUN Wibro has AMD LX900 processor and 60GB HDD. Suggested price is 799,000(KRW).

Wibro is what we know here in USA as WiMax. Should I say "we know"? Well, I hope that year 2008 will change the overall situation with WiMax in USA.

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