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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Did I say that I ordered a Kindle?

If I did not now I did. I ordered a Kindle. And people that know me also know what I mean. I ordered about a week ago but these 7 days have been to me like 7 months. Today I contacted Amazon to see if I could get from them a EST (Estimate Shipping Time)... God, I love canned answers!

Hello again from Amazon.com.

Unfortunately at this time we do not have a specific shipping or delivery date for your Kindle order.

Currently we do not have enough devices on hand to immediately fulfill the number of orders we have received, but we are working very hard to prepare and ship these orders as soon as possible.

We do not have access to information regarding the number of devices we currently have, expect to receive, or how many orders were placed before yours. Due to this, I am unable to provide a shipping estimate.

We'll certainly do our best to get your Kindle out to you as quickly as we can. You will receive an e-mail with an estimated delivery date as soon as we are able to fulfill your order.

We definitely appreciate your interest and I apologize for any frustration caused by this situation.

I hope you found this information useful. Our goal is to help you get the most out of your Kindle experience. If you need further information, please contact customer support at 1-866-321-8851.

Thank you for choosing Kindle.

Did you buy a Kindle after they ran out of stock? If you did it and already got it, how long it took to get it to your hand from the time when you put the order?

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