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My Surface PRO 3 'Must Have' Accessories List

Saturday, July 12, 2014

PRO 3 docking station

A docking station is virtually and literally a must have if you Surface Pro 3  is your working tool and you want to achieve  the highest level of productivity possible in this Tablet. But Microsoft's docking station will cost you around $200 which is about the average price for any good OEM docking station in the market. So the question is, is this a good investment?

Buying the OEM docking station has it advantages like having the option to charge the Tablet from the docking station that eliminates the need of having an extra power adapter around your  desk. The problem is that OEM docking stations do not work with other Tablets o even with different versions of the same Tablet like in the case of the Surface. This is one the reason why buying an universal docking station is always a better idea even when you don't get  the integrity level between docking and Tablet that OEM types get. The other reason is price. Usually you pay half of the price of the OEM docking when you buy an universal docking station.

A quick "Bing" search will show you a diverse array of different brands loaded with different options. You need to pick the one that better covers your own needs such as the amount of monitors that you want to have connected at the same time,  the amount of USB ports that you need and if you want a Docking that includes its own video and sound adapters adding more quality and power to the ones used in your  Tablet.

Here is one that I post here with the solo purpose  of showing how they look like.

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