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My Surface PRO 3 'Must Have' Accessories List

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Miracast adapter for the Surface PRO 3

Finding a good Miracast adapter that works with all the devices that you may own at home have proven to be a difficult task. That's why to find a blogger that has gone the extra mile on this task and dared to share his experience is a nice finding. So here is Mark Coppock from The Tech Chat in his quest to find the perfect Miracast adapter for his brand new Surface Pro 3.

The verdict. While still not perfect the Netgear Push2tv is the closest to be one.

Update: I just got confirmation that the Screenbeam mentioned here works at the same level as the one from Netgear. The advantage on the Screenbeam is that it comes with the HDMI to VGA adapter in case that you need to connect to on old projector for a presentation.

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