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Sunday, October 02, 2011

What browser are you using?

Recently I was checking the news and I found an interesting poll which result was that only a little bit more than 9% of users still was navigating the web with IE. I do not know Betanews so I can not give any opinion about them but I think that if we publish a poll in a page dedicated to MacOS, probably the winner would be Safari. Do not you think? And that does not mean that Safari is dominating the market.

To prove my point I went and checked the statistics of one of my pages.

IE 1224 users 43.1%
Firefox 686 users 24.1%
Other 346 users 12.2%
Chrome and Opera 226 users 7.9% each
Netscape 3 users 0.1%

43% is not that good but is not 9%! Polls sometime are tricky and far from representing the reality.


  1. I use Chrome 14 from my Mac. I checked the browser usage in my blog (I use Google Analitycs) and I got (last month):

    IE 32.79%
    Chrome 26,05%
    Firefox 24.37%
    Safari 10.48%
    Android Browser 3.07%
    Opera 1.71%
    Others 0.52%

  2. Related to O.S. in the last three months... Windows rocks!:

    Windows 81,39
    Macintosh 5,94
    iPad 3,97
    Android 2,37
    iPhone 2,30
    Linux 2,10
    (not set) 1,08
    BlackBerry 0,41
    iPod 0,31
    SymbianOS 0,13


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