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Sunday, October 16, 2011


OCOSMO OCS9 is a new TabletPc that's about to be released by Dynamism. This machine will come with Windows 7 installed and there is where all the problems start. Despite the really short booting time, check the video at Dynamism, having Windows 7 in this machine is wrong! The machine comes with a 16Gb or a 32Gb SSD. This means that there won't be almost any space left in the 16Gb one after installing Office 2010 on top of whatever version of W7 comes in that machine. That will push many users to go with the 32Gb one. The 32Gb one will run into the same problem in few months. Whoever has used an 16Gb iPad will tell you that all it takes is few 3D or simulations games to run out of storage space. In Windows World everything uses more space. I have a TabletPC with 60 Gb HDD and I had a lot of problems last week trying to free 9Gb to backup my iPad before the iOS 5 upgrade.

Even when the idea is that a TabletPc should be used as a complementary machine and never as your main one, the fact is that that does not apply to an immense number of users. Today a machine running Windows and having a storage capacity of less than 100Gb is almost useless for huge percentage of users. Definitely, it's not recommended for college students.

Another problem is the Atom processor used in this machine. Just check the video include at Dynamism and you will notice that the Launching interface included in the OSC9 does run smooth. You may say that the games are but games sometime are tricky because you are running them at a lower resolution. The fact is that the OSC9 have issues running a graphic interface in the native resolution. Is this important? No, unless you want to mimic a Tablet or you are a gamer. But definitely is something to be consider.

Now, keep in mind that I have not seen or tested the machine. I checked the specifications and watched a demo video. I would wait for a real owner review before scratching it from your Christmas list. The external design to this machine is really appealing.

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