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Thursday, October 13, 2011

iOS 5 update, a catastrophe

If you search in Google, you will find it in mostly all Mac/Apple forums, but, I do not know why, may be paying respect to Jobs, only few important pages are talking about the bad planned iOS 5 upgrade. And what worries me now is the question, is Apple ready to handle the whole traffic that iOS 5 will create with the new "Backup in the Cloud" concept and the coming new upgrades? It seems to me that they are not prepared. I could install iOS 5 in my iPad only 12 hours after the release and activate the Backup in the Cloud option only after 36 hours. And I still cannot create my first backup. The servers are so slow that took me more than 4 hours to download the 707Mb iOS file. The speed was comparable with the one we had in a old 56kb Modem.

What can I say about iOS 5?
There are few neat new features like the Tabs in Safari.

The Reader option in some pages.

The split keyboard that makes easier typing with two fingers.

But, let's be realistic. Nothing out the ordinary or innovative.

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  1. Two fiascos for Apple in a row. First the Apple's Vista, this is Lion, and now all those stories about updating problems on iOS 5.

    What's going on in Apple? One of their assets where software stability. Is all that stability gone?


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